3 Top tips for a flattering outfit

You might have seen my post on insta highlighting the top 3 tips for a flattering outfit. I thought we could delve a little deeper here and talk about some things to help when planning your next outfit ‚Äď whether it be for a cocktail party or just a trip to the supermarket! There‚Äôs always something you can do to make you feel a little more confident as you step out the door.


Tip 1 ‚Äď Big Busted?

For any top-heavy body types, a tailored top half is key. Find blazers in stretch fabric to keep it comfortable.

The shaping of a tailored jacket is flattering on many shapes but is an absolute staple for ladies with a generous bust. The jacket will tailor into the waist so there is a discernible difference from the waist to bust. Anything that hangs from your bust is only going to add size ‚Äď and that‚Äôs not the plan here! Also, the blazer does a great job at dividing the width of your top half when left open to show a small amount of the top underneath.

You may notice all of Astor and Tyne jackets are made with stretch fabric and are unlined, this is to make it comfortable to wear all day, whatever the task.

OR do you have the opposite challenge - small busted? I’ll cover some more tips in a following blog post for you!


Tip 2 ‚Äď Find you focus.

Everyone has something worth flaunting ‚Äď great legs? Don‚Äôt hide them! Or maybe your best asset is your toned shoulders? Show them off!

Be kind to yourself…find something about yourself that you feel most confident about and put it on show! If it’s your legs add a little fake tan and rock some dress shorts or skirt above the knee. If you’ve always been proud of your shoulders, find a cute sleeveless style or halter neck. Great bust? Go with v-neck tops that come in under the bustline. Curvy hips? Go with fitted skirts or pants.

Choose one thing and really rock it!


Tip 3 ‚Äď Add height.

Vertically challenged, or just like to look longer and slimmer? Wear matching pieces top and bottom. Or choose an outfit with shades close to each other.

Do you like prints or plains? Either one is great, but if you‚Äôre wanting to elongate your look (without having to wear heels!) pick one and stick with it! So next time you find a favourite print in a pair of pants make sure to grab the matching top too. If plains are your preference, you can put together an outfit of similar colours / shades. And of course, the obvious one ‚Äď go with vertical stripes, not horizontal.

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