The one breakfast food I ate regularly that helped me lose 7kilo

Why is it that beach weather also has to be festive season in Australia!?! I mean it’s great for all the outdoor social events, but so unfortunate for our waistlines! So I thought it timely I share something I found that worked for me to get rid of a few kilos many times, in the hope will also help you.

Although I don’t have any lawyers to keep happy, I will preface this little blog with… I am not a health professional, am in no way professing to be one, just sharing what I have tried that gave me the results I was after. And, as always, happy to share!

So, by now you’re probably like “cut to the chase”, “tell us what it is”, “what is this magic food you speak of”….

It’s chia pudding!

Nothing too fancy here, just chia pudding for breakfast instead of the nothingness I was having previously.

The other night after I first mentioned I was going to write this blog, my phone starting pinging and as I said to those friends that wanted the inside scoop - I don’t know why or what it is about it, but every time I have replaced my breakfast with this I lose weight. Every. Single. Time. Maybe it stops you reaching for the biscuit with your mid morning cuppa, or maybe you’re not ravenous by the time lunch comes around so you eat a little less, or maybe it’s just a reminder each morning that you’re going to eat consciously today. Or maybe, as so many bloggers have said before me, it’s a really good source of low calorie, low GI energy.

Anyways, you’re probably wanting to know exactly how to make it by now! Suuuper easy –

First, grab a mid sized plastic container with a lid.


Weigh in 600g of any milk you prefer. (I usually make cashew milk in the thermomix as I’m not a dairy fan, but whatever works for you)

Add 85g of Chia seeds

Generous squirt of honey

Splash vanilla


Optional extras I like –

2Tblspn maca powder

Cacao nibs



Stir all together with a fork, pop on lid and put in fridge overnight.



To serve –

The following morning give another really good stir, put 2 generous Tblspns of your chia pudding in a bowl and add fruit and/or nut toppings of your choice. Pop the remaining chia pudding back in the fridge for the rest of the week.

My go to toppings are (I have a VERY sweet tooth, so this will defs be a bit much for some!) –

Coconut milk Tblspn

Maple syrup

Raw cashews or all natural nut butter

Mango and/or banana and/or strawberries


Send me your photos on the ‘gram! I’d love to see your favourite combination. And, let me know how it goes for you too!!


Nicola xx


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