Your x3 go to flattering poses for the festive season

So‚Ķare you the one who runs to hide behind your bestie whenever someone pulls out the phone for pic? ‚Äď you know it, the perception trick, put yourself just a little further away from everyone else in the photo, or put half your body behind theirs? Well no more jostling for position!

With just a couple of tiny adjustments you can improve your angle in the next photo so you’ll be proud of anyone who dares tag you on social media without prior approval.

Here‚Äôs my example taken this afternoon, with (clearly!) no special lighting, filters or photoshopping ‚Äď no make up even! But hopefully that means you get my point about it being all about the angle of your body

¬†BEFORE!! You see I‚Äôm holding the camera up relatively high (not even as high as so many do these days) and even that is making me look top heavy and short legged ‚ėĻ I guess this is where I should note what we‚Äôre working with here‚ĶI‚Äôm 5‚Äô4‚ÄĚ/ 71-2kgs / size 12ish / 110cmB-83cmW-103cmH

¬†POSE 1 ‚Äď see that I have the phone a little lower to capture the photo at a more direct angle. And, instead of front on pose I have put one leg in front of the other, dropped my hip on the left, and with the arm on the hip, created a space between my body and arm. With the one hip to the front it is enough to put my body on a slight angle rather than the full frontal in the first shot.

¬†POSE 2 ‚Äď Super easy one for you to recreate. Again, one leg forward, but weight resting hard on the back leg this time, rest into your back hip, hide your arm completely behind you, lean back a little, pop your toe up at the front. This will narrow your torso with the one shoulder more prominent at the front, and at the same time narrow your hips and legs with the focus being mostly on the front half of your body.

POSE 3 ‚Äď Seated (before and after). Always cross your legs! You‚Äôre effectively chopping them in half. Bring your arms down and into the centre of your body to draw the eye in too. Sit up tall and lean a little forward, this also helps pop your chin out and lengthen your neck!

BONUS TIP ‚Äď If you have short legs (like me!) the lower you hold the phone/camera the longer your legs can look ‚Äď yay!!

Try all these out at home in the mirror and take some photos to see the difference it makes. The more you practice, the easier it will be at the next function.

So please, no more photos from up in the sky, making us all look like a bratz doll with an oversized forehead! Just a great photo of you and your family and/or friends for your feed this year xx

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